Activists Go Local in an Attempt to Ban Hunting

Anti-hunting activists have switched tactics in their quest to ban hunting. They have found that national and state anti-hunting legislation is fairly hard to pass. So in order to further their agenda, they have devised a workaround and started targeting the local governments of townships and cities.

New Jersey right now is acting as a proving ground for this tactic. In an attempt to shut down black bear hunting across the state. The anti-hunting activists are traveling to all 565 municipalities trying ban hunting town by town.

In a written article written by Cody McLaughlin for Bearing Arms, the history and the tactics of the activists are laid to bear. He describes their use of propaganda to convince small governments that hunting presents a danger to children and their local community.

McLaughlin writes

This is the game – anti-hunting extremists are taking small towns with large tracts of public and private hunting land to court (or the court of public opinion, with their throngs of followers from all over creation) and forcing local anti-hunting ordinances into law that chip away slowly but effectively at a sporting heritage that is as old as mankind.

If this tactic proves effective in New Jersey, look for them to expand the use of it into other states. Hunters can not sit idly by and watch hunting die the death of 1000 cuts. the time for action is now.

Get involved and keep fighting