A$$hole Opussum Pushes Skunk into Pond While He is Trying to Get a Drink

Remember back in middle school there was always a bully that would torment others for no other reason than that he could. He would take every oppertunity to be a complete tool bag to those around him. Sometimes I have wondered “Can animals be like that and be total jerks?” This video really makes me believe it

A skunk was just trying to get a drink of fresh water when a wandering opossum decides that it would be funny to push him in. So he obliges and keeps on walking as nothing happened.

I wonder what was going through the opossum’s mind. Was he like, “Look at this little jerk; you know what he needs? A bath. He stinks.” I bet he was laughing while he waddled away leaving the skunk in confused wet bewilderment.

The video was uploaded by Trail Cam Pro they say that the video was entered into a 2020 trail cam video contest by Betsy Potter of New York. That is all the information we have so enjoy the video.

I like to imagine that the skunk is 2020 and the opossum is the coronavirus or that the skunk is a small business just trying to scrape by and Covid restrictions come by and make things a whole lot worse.