Alleged thief busts himself after setting up stolen trail camera in corn field

A local thief has been caught after stealing many items such as gas, tools, welders, and an ATV. Omar Spencer was busted after a stolen trail camera was found in a corn field near his trailer full of stolen items. When police seized the camera they found many images of Spencer on the camera. Some are of him smoking and drinking a beer and In one of the picture his shirt reads  “This just in…You’re an idiot.”

Wayne county sheriff, and my aunt and uncles neighbor, said “In this case, the man was using the trail camera to protect his stolen merchandise, not giving any thought to the fact that he himself was going to be on the captured images,” Hunter said.

Hunter called the case bizarre and said the incriminating pictures will help prosecutors build a case against Spencer. Deputies are trying to get the stolen items back to the rightful owners

Hunter does an extreemly entertaining weekly update for Wayne county. We will be sure to post his update on this later on this week.