American Woman Killed by Lion

While on safari in a South African lion park an American woman was killed by a female lion. The lioness jumped through the open passenger side window and attacked the women. The man who was driving attempted to push the lion back out the window, but was seriously wounded in the process.

The two unidentified tourists were reportedly driving through the lion park with the windows open. Lanseria police have launched an investigation into the incident, which was witnessed by other tourists at the park.

According to news sources, the fatal incident is the park&’s third major attack in just four short months. In March, Australian tourist, Brendan Smith was mauled by a lion and two days later a 13-year- old boy was attacked by a cheetah.

The park gives clear instructions to all visitors to keep windows closed when touring the area, Scott Simpson, assistant operations manager at the park told ENCA he doesn’t “understand why people think it’s okay to leave windows open.”

Park Officials said they will put down the lion.

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