Ammo Lawsuit Against Cabelas Could Change how Ammo is Sold

A lawsuit against Cabelas has been allowed to move forward after a 19-year-old accidentally shot a friend with ammo purchased from Cabelas.

19-year-old Jake Klocek accidentally killed his friend Anthony King with .45 caliber ammunition purchased at a Cabelas in New York. It is illegal to own a handgun under the age of 21 in New York. At the same time, The suit alleges that Cabelas ‘knew or should have known’ that the ammo was for a .45 caliber handgun and not a rifle.

The protection of lawful commerce and firearms ACT protects the manufacturers of firearms against lawsuits when an individual uses a gun in a shooting. The courts ruled that the Act has exemptions for negligence and the lawsuit should move forward so the facts could be determined in court.

Other companies like Remington have faced similar lawsuits, but they have all eventually been thrown out. This is the first case to my knowledge that goes after the supplier and not the manufacturer.

This lawsuit could make it more difficult for stores to sell ammo and for you to buy it. It seems like a good time to start doing your own reloading.