Angler Catches Largest Fish of any Species Ever recorded in the State

When Jonathan Pierce went fishing in the Susquehanna River little did he know he would hook the fish of a lifetime.

According to Penn Live, Pierce hooked a monster Flathead that weighed in at 56.3 pounds and will be the new Pennsylvania state record. The old record stood at 50 pounds 7 ounces that was in caught in 2019 by Jeff Bonawitz.

What makes this fish even more interesting is that it is the largest fish on record in the state of Pennsylvania. It just nearly beats the former biggest fish a musky weighing 54 pounds 3 ounces caught in 1924.

Pierce was able to keep the monster fish alive while he got it an official weigh station and released it in an undisclosed location.

Congratulations on the monster fish truly the fish of a lifetime.