Angler Reels in 2600 LBS Great White Shark

the 2600 lbs male great white tagged my CPT Michalove and his crew

What is the biggest fish you ever caught? My biggest is a 4 foot thrasher shark from off the coast of Georgia a few years back the captain of our boat estimated it weighted 80 lbs. That fish pulled like a monster and put up a great fight. Based on that experience I can not imagine what it would take to haul in a 2600 lbs. great white.

According to The Carolina Sportsman, Capt. Chip Michalove of Outcast Sport Fishing Charters in Hilton Head Island, S.C. and his crew caught seven great white sharks off the coast of Hilton Head. The biggest being 2600 lbs. They successful released all seven, four with tags.

The Captain and his crew have caught 30 great whites since 2015 but never seven in one day. It was truly an epic experience.

After their sixth Shark they crew was tired and were getting ready to call it a day, but the captain convinced them to give it one more shot. That is when the hooked the beast.

A large female the crew caught in 2016 that weighed over 3000 lbs

“They were beat, but I talked them into setting up the chum once more with a ‘we’ll give it an hour.’ Thirty minutes and three Advil later, we had a hog swim up and take it. It turned out to be the largest male tagged in the Atlantic at approximately 2600 pounds. We ’ve tagged three females in years before that were over 3000 pounds. But males are typically much smaller,” he said.

here is what the captain said about his epic day on the water.

“I’ve never dreamed of seeing that many in one day. We found this spot where there was a plethora of great whites. Like barracuda swarming a reef.”

“We were battling great whites for more time than we were waiting for them. It was incredible.”

One of the thirty great whites caught by the crew since 2015

What an amazing day fishing. I can not imagine a day like that. It is days like that we all dream of.