Anglers Catch 40lbs Limit Including Two 10 Pounders

Chase Hunnell and Tyler Patterson Picture Credit: Wired to Fish

What is the best day of fishing you have ever had? Personally I have had some pretty good days, but they pale in comparison to the day a couple of Kentucky anglers had.

Wired to Fish reported about Chase Hunnell and Tyler Patterson had the fishing trip of a lifetime. The pair were fishing Kentucky Lake and together they caught a limit of Bass that weighed anywhere between 39 and 40 lbs. That catch included two 10 pounders.

The five fish weighed approximately 5.5, 6.9, 10.29, 6.5, and 10.33 respectively. That is one hell of a bag. All the fish were released back into the lake to be caught another day.

Two 10 Pounders
The tale of the tape

“We pulled the boat on the trailer and found someone to come take our picture. The fish were then released at the ramp. I will say that these 5 fish were not held out of the water for very long and they were only in the livewell for a few hours that afternoon. A couple were only in the livewell for about 30 minutes, since we caught them late. We boated 8 fish that evening and lost about that many more. All the fish were caught on Joe’s Rods, Lew’s baitcasting Reels, and Seaguar fluorocarbon line

“The lure will remain unnamed as I do not want to lie, but I also do not want to tell. That was it. That was the day.”

All I can say is that would be an amazing day on the water. Congratulations to the Anglers.

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