Animal Rights Group Praises Threats of Violence Against Hunters

For the most part, I pay little attention to threats made by animal rights groups. They usually cower behind their keyboards and lob their hateful drivel over the internet, but it seems like some of these insane people have taken their extreme ideology a step farther.

According to Fox News, there have been two incidents in Dunn County, Wisconson where vandals claiming association with the Animal Liberation Front have destroyed and spray painted treestands with threatening messages, that include the phrases, “Hunt the Hunters” and “All Hunters are Bastards.”

The Animal Liberation Front, or A.L.F., issued the following statement.

“The North American Animal Liberation Press Office was very pleased to hear about the destruction of multiple hunting stands in Dunn County,” the A.L.F. said in a statement to Fox News. “It is an absurd idea that there is sport in lying in wait for an unsuspecting animal to stroll by and then blowing it away with a high-powered weapon. People who do this sort of thing are despicable and need to be stopped.”

The ALF is an extreme terrorist organization that has at times resorted to violence. Their threats should be taken seriously and I would urge all hunter in that area of Wisconson to be vigilant and watch their back.

Authorities are now urging anyone with information into the crimes to contact the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, which is currently working with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and FBI.”