Animal Rights Group Sues State Wildlife Agency Over Hunting or Fishing Licence Land Use Requirement

A few months ago the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department (CPW) enacted a rule that in order to access land paid for with hunting and fishing license sales one must possess a hunting or fishing license. Now an animal rights group is suing the department saying that if they want to use the land they must endorse a practice they abhor.

According to NBC 9 News, Friends of Animals (FoA) the CPW. They claim that  the new rule “imposes a person to express the message that they approve hunting and fishing in order to use the land” and that “CPW doesn’t have the authority to enact the new requirement.”

FoA also claims the regulation violates the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause and also Fourteenth Amendments by restricting access.

As mentioned before the land they want to access is paid for with hunting and fishing dollars. Hunters and anglers purchased these properties and pay for their maintenance.

You can read the lawsuit in its entirety HERE.

 When we first published this story about the new rules going into effect, hunters overwhelmingly showed support for the idea. Some however did question its legality and predicted this type of lawsuit.

I find it ironic that the animal rights group has no problem accessing land that is only available to access because of hunting and fishing, but when asked to pay for it they quickly back off and cry foul.