Animal Rights Group to Sue Trump Administration Over Hunting Expansion in Wildlife Refuges

Back in April of 2020, the Department of the Interior announced a plan to expand hunting wildlife refuges across the county. This plan marks the largest expansion of hunting opportunities in US history. It is not surprising that animal rights groups would not be happy with the plan and they are intending to sue the Trump administration to put a halt to the plan.

According to The Hill, the animal rights group, The Center for Biological Diversity filed a notice of intent to sue the administration claiming that the government did not do its due diligence in analyzing the effects of the decision on endangered species including birds and jaguars. 

“We’re going to court to ensure that our nation’s wildlife refuges can actually provide refuges for wildlife,” said Collette Adkins, the center’s carnivore conservation director, in a statement. 

“We’ve never before seen such a massive expansion of bad hunting practices on these public lands. There’s no sound reason for this, and the Fish and Wildlife Service has either ignored or downplayed the many risks that hunting poses to endangered wildlife,” Adkins added.

A spokesman from the Fish and Wildlife Service called the intent to sue a “meritless attack from a radical special interest organization.”

This of course is absolutely true. It would not matter how much scientific data was presented showing expanded hunting has an effect on endangered species, it would not satisfy groups such as the Center for Biological Diversity. They are only interested in stopping all forms of hunting and will say anything to achieve that goal.

They ignore the fact that hunting and fishing are already allowed on wildlife refuges across the county and there have been no documented adverse effects on endangered species.

They also ignore that the wildlife refuge system was never intended to prevent hunting, but a refuge from development. Hunting has historically always been part of the management plan of the national wildlife refuge system.

Hunters are the driving force behind conservation across the globe. I talk about this and other aspects of conservation in my book, Why We Hunt: The Five Motivations of the Modern Hunter which is available on Amazon.

Hopefully, the judge sees the baselessness of this lawsuit and throws it out of court.