Anti-gun politician craps his pants live {VIDEO}

Jerry Nadler is a Democrat congressman from New York’s 10th congressional district since 2013. He is in his 15th term in Congress, having served since 1992. He is rated F by the NRA for all his anti-gun votes in congress.

Nadler’s F rating from the NRA comes from his votes against decreasing gun waiting periods from 3 days to 1. Other no votes from Nadler are from HR 1036 and HR 397. These bills would have prevented gun manufacturers from being sued when guns were used during crimes.

Nadler has voted for many gun control bills recently. HR1186 would ban high capacity magazines. HR 1236 would have provided grants to states that passed laws preventing “at-risk” individuals from having guns.

73-year-old Nadler is seen in this video, seemingly crapping his pants during a live press conference. This is easily the funniest video I have ever seen from a politician. Watch as Nancy Pelosi starts to chock on the smell as Nadler shuffles off stage, looking like he has something running down his leg!