Anti-Hunters Blast Kate Middleton After Pheasant Hunt

The Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton was savaged by anti-hunters after it was reported that she took part in the traditional Boxing Day pheasant hunt. It seems a lot of Brits were not too happy with her and they let their feeling fly in the comment section of Britain’s news organizations.

According to the Dailly Mail, Kate joined her husband, Prince William, and other family members to “blast pheasants, partridges, and ducks on the Queen’s 20,000-acre Norfolk estate.” But only after her anti-hunting sister-in-law Megan Merkle left the gathering.

They also reported that the Dutchess is quite the marksmen and even purchased a 20 gauge shotgun that she uses fairly regularly.

A royal insider said that the duchess has bought a 20-bore shotgun, which is much lighter and easier to use than the usual 12-bore. 

The source said: ‘She frequently goes out shooting when she is staying at Anmer Hall [the Cambridges’ country home at Sandringham] and has become a really good shot.

‘She is very much into the hunting, shooting and fishing country lifestyle. The 20-gauge smooth bore gun is ideal for shooting game birds.

Overall the piece was quite benign compared to the Daily Mail’s usual take on hunting, that is until you go to the comment section.

I can never understand how…..a mother care for her children….be so prim and proper…. then walk out the door and mur…der animals……ABSOLUTELY VILE…

Vile blood sport. To kill a living creature in the name of entertainment is immoral. I have a pheasant that comes into my garden most days. I wouldn’t dream of harming him. Why do some people think it’s acceptable to kill for fun?!

Sport hunting is a cruel form of recreation. It should be abolished. Kate, there is nothing to be proud about ,killing innocent animals. Meghan, good for you for being against sport hunting.

That was about the gist of most of the comments, but what can we expect from the Anti-hunter cyber bullies?