Anti-Hunters Refuse to Pay $500 to Save Bears

Three hunters decided to give the people protesting New Jersey’s bear season a chance to put up or shut up. They put their bear tags on the chopping block and if the protesters gave them $500 a piece (the meat value of a bear) they would tear¬† up the tag and not go hunting. Guess what they had zero takers.

According to, Mountain Mike’s Sports Shop in Hardyston, NJ announced the deal in a Facebook post on 11 December. but called it off the next day after not receiving any bids.

The owner Michael Bush said he and the two other hunters offered to rip up their $2, state-issued hunting permits — setting a minimum bid of $500 per permit — and donate all proceeds to a local food pantry and an animal shelter.

“You people say you care about the bears so much. Let’s see,” Bush said

N.J. Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel denounced the auction as a “cynical game.”

“It sounds like they’re trying to ransom the bears. More importantly, they’re trying to discredit the people who oppose the hunt,” said Tittel.

My question is Mr Tittel how would saving the lives of three bears discredit you? It seems more like not bidding on the tags discredits your stance. You had a chance to show people how much you care and guess what you did just that. The Sierra Club has assets in the millions of dollars, but $1500 is too much to back up their rhetoric.

Bush released this statement on Facebook after he took down the auction.

Glad to see everybody loves the bears till they gotta put their money where their mouth is! Bunch of bear hugging hypocrites! I dont want to hear another word how much you all care about saving bears!
You had your chance with many tags to bid on for a worthy charity and to save bears by noontime today but it was nothing but CRICKETS!!! I gave you over a day to do something about saving bears from hunters and nothing but silence and insults was posted!
Have a nice day!!

Glad to see everybody loves the bears till they gotta put their money where their mouth is! Bunch of bear hugging…

Posted by Mountain Mike on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

And it looks like Mike was successful he posted this beautiful picture.

From field to table there is no better healthy organic meat on this planet than fresh Black Bear, it's what's for…

Posted by Mountain Mike on Sunday, December 17, 2017

Awesome job Mike enjoy the BBQ.