Anti Hunters Rejoice as Hunter Is Crushed By Elephant [video]

Today is a very sad day for the hunting community.

Hunting in Africa is a very controversial topic for most uniformed of its huge benefits. Money raised from hunting Elephant, and other African animals, is used to protect the rest of the herd from poachers. Theunis Botha was a profesional hunter that guided many of these hunts.

On Friday he led a group of hunters into the middle of a breeding group of elephants. South African outlet news 24 reported that Botha was picked up by the elephant at which time a hunter shot the elephant. When the elephant crashed to the ground Botha was underneath and was tragically killed.

Sadly Theunis Botha had five children that will no longer have a father. This story is just coming out in the last couple of hours and already I have seen anti-hunters praising the death of this man. one person wrote ” I am JUBILANT  that a cruel, cowardly hunter is dead!” another wrote “This dummy should be the poster child for change.”.  Most of the comments on social media are negative towards this man.

I feel most of these comments are fueled by ignorance. Legal regulated hunting is not the reason for the problems facing animals in Africa. Its unregulated poaching! South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs estimates trophy hunting generated close to 807 million dollars in 2012 and just over 1 billion in 2013. That is a lot of money for conservation efforts, and motivation to protect these animals from poachers.

Our condolences go out to the family. There may be anti-hunters rejoicing, but the hunting community understands the importance of hunting for conservation.