Anti-Hunting Groups Petitions CNN to Drop Documentary

This past week members of the Born Free Foundation, an extreme anti-hunting group, sent a letter to CNN asking them to reconsider their showing of the documentary Trophy. They describe the film as a “Shockumentary” that is biased in its assessment of trophy hunting.

In an interview with Rush PR News, Will Travers, President of Born Free, stated the following:

“Among the concerns cited in our letter,the coalition contends that the filmmakers: ‘deliver a film that is almost devoid of facts;’ that ‘articulates assumptions that go unchallenged;’ and ‘fails to offer the viewer the opportunity to make any kind of informed decision.’ He goes on to say that instead of exploring the topics of trophy hunting and conservation in a thorough, balanced and objective way, the film does a disservice to the subject by presenting a perspective that is, simply put, “inaccurate, misleading and self-serving.”

Throughout the letter they cherry pick data in attempt to discredit the film.

What I find interesting is that the film makers set out to make an anti-hunting film, but over the course of their investigation they discovered that trophy hunting is not what they at first thought it was.

Christina Clusiau, one of the film maker was quoted as saying, “We really wanted to shame the hunting industry, and then we realized it was not so black and white.”

The film has been praised by the conservation group Let Africa Live calling it, “a truthful, honest investigation.”

I was not able to watch the film when CNN first aired it but I plan on watching it on Amazon later this week. Simply based on the fact that anti-hunters oppose it so much and the people who filmed are not hunters and had their biases changed while filming suggests that it is a fair and accurate assessment.

If anyone was able to watch it I would love to hear what you thought.