Anti-Hunting Law Makes Exposing Kids to Hunting Illegal

An new hunting law went int0 affect in Poland and to put it mildly it is bad. The law makes it illegal to expose anybody under the age of 18 to any kind of hunting activity in Poland. It doe not matter if you want to pass on your love for the sport to your own children, that has become illegal. The government has decided that they are better at raising children then their own parents.

Jens Ulrik Høgh posted to Facebook and gave us his view of the new law.

We lost the battle in Poland … did we learn?

Last week a new Polish hunting law that bring lots of changes to the Polish hunting community passed through parliament. Most (if not all) of the changes are really bad news. To make a long story short: The new law is a frontal attack on Polish hunting. Our passion is now regarded as being so horrible that it is hence forth illegal to expose anybody under the age of 18 to any kind of hunting activity in Poland. This is a clear signal that hunting is considered bad and evil and it is a gross violation of every parents right to educate their own children according to their own beliefs.

Next step in the fight against these unreasonable changes will presumably take place in the constitutional courts of Poland and the EU and quite possibly before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

How did it come to this? Why did nobody react before it was way to late? Were where the organisations who are supposed to fight for us? Where were we?

I heard about the new law Saturday evening and wrote an open letter to the Polish president Sunday morning. At that point very few hunters – and nobody in my network – had heard about the disaster about to happen. It was also too late – the law had passed both chambers in the parliament and was in reality just waiting for the presidential approval.

FACE – the European organisation representing the nations hunting associations – could not go into the matter because the Polish hunting association (FACEs Polish member) had not invited FACE to intervene. The green light for FACE to go into the matter came Monday – four days before the ratification of the law.

CIC apparently didn’t know that this was happening – and when they were told what was going on in the beginning of the week, they did not react (at least not in any visible way)

We – the hunters – hadn’t heard a thing and thus we couldn’t mobilize our networks in due time to influence anything. We can blame no one but ourselves.


I’ll be perfectly frank: We dropped the ball. We f*cked it up…. and if we do not get our act together FAST this disease will spread like a cancer over Europe.

We urgently need to upgrade our internal communication skills.

When problems like the Polish situation arises all active hunters in Europe must be warned a.s.a.p. so that we can mobilize our networks.

We urgently need to start cooperating more – and a lot better.

It is ridiculous that hunters had the information about the attack on Polish hunters and did not share it with everybody else. NEVER AGAIN! We – and all our organisations MUST be able to set our differences aside and coordinate our efforts when we are under attack. Otherwise we will loose the entire war as we just lost the battle.

We urgently need a platform enabling us to call hunters all over Europe to action with moments notice.

Imagine what an email-base of just 10.000 passionate European hunters could have done for us.

I will start to work on these matters. We need to wake up – or we will soon die in our sleep.

We lost the battle in Poland … did we learn?Last week a new Polish hunting law that bring lots of changes to the…

Posted by Jens Ulrik Høgh on Monday, March 26, 2018

I know this is Poland and not the United States but is it really that hard to believe that this kind of thinking will not be adopted here? There are plenty of groups that have suggested the same sort of law. They would be more then happy to restrict hunters from passing on their heritage to the next generation.

I feel deeply sorry for our Polish brothers and pray that they can get this travesty over turned. If it can happen their how long before it happens over here.