Anti Trapping California Cities Debate New Ways To Manage Coyotes

Cities across the San Gabriel Valley are considering adopting a regional coyote management plan that moves away from trapping and euthanizing coyotes.

“The consensus was they didn’t want to include it (trapping and euthanizing),” said Alexander Fung, a management analyst with the regional governmental agency who helped draft the plan. “The task force believes wildlife and residents should be able to coexist.”

Instead of trapping the new plan involves some very interesting tactics.

  • erect fences with roller bars
  • shaking cans filled with beans at coyotes
  • using coyote whistles
  • coyote workshops that cost $10,000 per year

Some residents want a more aggressive approach. Barbera Short lost her dog Truffles to a coyote two years ago. She said, “I haven’t gotten over it yet. I go out to her grave in our backyard, and I cry.”

Other residents are so upset they plan to take matters into their own hands. One man told the city council that many of the people in his neighborhood plan to start shooting them on site.