AR-15 Wielding Home Owner Confronts Porch Pirate (Warning: Strong Language)

In case you are unaware a porch pirate is a term that has been coined for people who steal delivered packages off of other people’s porch. In some areas it has become a real problem, companies and customers lose millions of dollars a year to these thieves, but some people refuse to be a victim.

A video recently has been circulating on social media that show one of these porch pirate attempting to steal a package. He is stopped however by an elderly homeowner armed with an AR-15. The homeowner stops the theft and gets his package back. The thief leaves and hopefully reevaluates his choices in life.

This video shows that just a weapon being present deters crime. The could have easily been overpowered physically by the thief, but the AR leveled the playing field resulting in the homeowner getting his package back.