Arby’s Unveils Vegetable Made Out of Meat

Arby’s makes a carrot out of meat

The vegans have been making plant-based meat substitutes for years, but now the fast food giant Arby’s is reversing that trend by making a meat-based vegetable substitute.

According to INSIDER, Arby’s is taking their slogan “We have the meats” the extreme with their latest creation a”megetable,” a vegetable made out of meat.

Neville Craw, Arby’s brand executive chef, and his sous-chef Thomas Kippelen invented a meat-based carrot that they are calling the “Marrot.” T

Not only does it look and taste like a carrot but it also has just about the same nutritional value. The Marrot boasts more than 30 grams of protein and more than 70% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A.

INSIDER had a chance to taste the Marrot ahead of its public reveal, and it was shockingly reminiscent of a carrot in both taste and appearance. The turkey-based pseudo-vegetable had a sweet maple taste with earthy, herb-filled undertones. The only major difference between the Marrot and a traditional carrot was the crunch of the vegetable. Instead, Arby’s megetable had a crisp, glazed coating with the tender interior of a well-prepared turkey breast.

“Creating the Marrot was really about staying true to our brand more than anything else,” Craw said. “We really focus on how to connect with our customers and how to bring the best thing to the table.”

Craw feels “pretty good” about the chance of megetables showing up at Arby’s franchises around the country. And if it does I will definitely give it a try just for the irony of it.