Archer Kills World Record Mountain Goat

2020 has been a rough year for many people, but for some hunters, it has been truly magical. So far two world records have fallen, first, it was a 14-year old from Kansas who shot the largest non-typical whitetail ever killed by a woman, and now a bowhunter who also originally from Kansas claims the largest mountain goat ever taken with a bow.

According to a press release from the Pope and Young Club, Kaleb Baird harvested the largest mountain goat ever taken with archery gear. The billy was shot in Alaska, on September 11, 2020, and 53 4/8 inches, which surpasses the record by 2/8 inches.

“Leading up to this hunt I’d known there was the potential for a truly special billy. I joked with some friends over the summer that the plan was to take a record goat in hopes of enticing a hunting partner.” However, with a highly unpredictable work schedule and the travel complications, 2020 presented I wasn’t able to get any commitments, so I headed up the mountain solo during the second week of September. It just so happened to be the best stretch of weather we had for the entire year in Southeast Alaska. I found this billy on day four and spent the first half of the day ascending to his perch. By the time I got there he’d moved, and I thought I’d lost him for the day. One last pass through his previous hangout and I stumbled right into him and a smaller partner. He stood for a great 31-yard shot but managed to make the edge of the mountain and drop into a nasty avalanche chute for his final dash. When I finally got to him his right horn was buried in some gravel and I thought it was shattered. Lifting up his head I could see he’d only chipped about an inch and, while not an expert, I could tell his left horn was absolutely world-class. I think it’s truly awesome to add this billy to the class of 2019 Ketchikan goats taken by Rosey Roseland and Bryan Moody. I hope all three are on display in Reno to showcase how impressive the goat herd currently is in Southeast Alaska!”

Kaleb Baird via Pope and Young

KFSK’s Angela Denning talked with him and has this story:

Congratulations Kaleb on the amazing harvest, 2020 has treated you well.