Artist Makes Taxidermy Gang Members

Who says art is dead? Oblivious, they have not seen the Cholo skin rugs made by Mexican artist, Renato Garza Cevera. They may be the most unique works of “art” I have ever seen.

According to, he took four predominant Mexican gangs turned them into taxidermy works of art. The article did not say but I am assuming these were not made with a real corpse but are just replicas.T

Garza Cevera believes that gang members have become scapegoats for societal problems created by “others.” His art attempts to present how minorities are depicted as “uncapable of thinking or feeling.” By turning them gang members into bear rugs, Garza Cevera is saying if we see people as scary animals, we dehumanize them.

This is probably the weirdest Taxidermy collection I have ever seen. I am in fact speechless. I can not understand what would possess anyone to make things like this. And why did he need to include the booty hole?