“Attack Squirrel” on Meth Named Deezenuts Confiscated in Police Raid

This is one of those stories that seem made up, but it is legit. An Alabama man has been charged with wildlife violations after his Methed-up “Attack squirrel” Named Deezenuts was discovered in a police raid.

According to the Associated Press, police were warned about a meth-fueled, trained attack squirrel before conducting a drug search at a rural home near Athens, Alabama. One man was arrested at the home and police said they released the caged squirrel.

Mickey Joel Paulk, the owner of the squirrel, who was not arrested in that raid, denies giving the squirrel meth.

“You can’t give squirrels meth; it would kill ’em. I’m pretty sure, (but) I’ve never tried it,” he said.

A photo of Deezenuts that was released by police

Paulk was arrested a few weeks later following a chase in which he allegedly rammed an investigator’s vehicle. He faces illegal gun possession and other charges to go along with his wildlife violation.