Auction for yacht based ‘dream hunt’ with Donald Trump Jr. skyrockets

Safari Club International (SCI) has held an auction for a ‘dream hunt’ with Donald Trump Jr. The hunt is for a blacktail deer and sea duck in Alaska. The project raises money for the nonprofit to do conservation projects around the world.

“This year we will be featuring Donald Trump Jr., the number one ambassador for our way of life. … Don Jr and his son will be hosting this year’s hunt along with [Master Guide] Keegan [McCarthy] in Alaska. Join them aboard Alaska’s premier luxury hunting vessel for a 7-day Sitka black-tailed deer and sea ducks hunt.”

The final bid was $27,500 by member Grizzly333! That hunt is a yacht based hunt in eastern Alaska. You stay and travel on a 70-foot yacht to the highest density blacktail deer population in the world. It is not uncommon to see 100 deer a day during this hunt. This hunt has had a %100 success rate over the last 4 years. You will also enjoy a 5-star chef on this hunt.

Although This hunt is the most glamorous hunt I have ever heard of, it is important to note that Donald Trump Jr. is a legitimate hunter. He still hunts with traditional archery on public land. Listen to him on The Push Podcast, and I believe you will be impressed.

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