Baby Opossum Saved After Getting Stuck in Snapple Bottle {6 Pictures}

One thing that I can not stand is a litter bug. Everytime I go hunting or fishing I try to leave the place a little nicer than I found it. I do not know how many times I have carried trash out of the woods that was there when I arrived.

Mother nature is hard on animals. We do not need to add to the danger by littering. Trash can be dangerous for animals. Some animals think it is food and choke on it, others get tangled in old ropes and fishing nets, and others like this little guy get trapped in it.

I am not sure how the opossum got in the bottle or how he got turned around the way he did, but he was defiantly in a tight spot. Now he is free and at an animal rescue center getting ready to be returned to the wild where he belongs.

ACCT Philly posted the following photos to Facebook:

We know trash pick up has been an issue. But please dispose of your trash and recycling properly! This young opossum was found stuck in a Snapple bottle.

Fortunately our Animal Protection Officers Kacey and Rachel helped him out After picking him up they gently freed him of the bottle and while he seems ok, he will be headed to rehab to make sure.

Thank you to the person who called us about this little guy and everyone PLEASE dispose of your trash properly.

Opossums have a great nose like most wildlife, this guy likely just smelled the raspberry tea scent but once in, couldn’t get out 
Sadly this happens more frequently then one might imagine. It’s not hard for small wildlife to get into a bottle, but once in, they don’t have anything to grip to be able to get themselves out
Being a young opossum, we’d like to think this was a learning experience, but it’s unlikely. So please do make the extra effort to dispose of trash and recycling properly!
Once at the shelter Officer Rachel used a vise grip and some lubricant from the medical department and gently broke the bottle. A large piece was still around his neck so she had to tap it several times until it finally broke.
They washed him in Dawn to get all of the lubricant off of his fur.
We’re not sure if he was happy about the bath but he seems fine! He’ll be headed to rehab just to be sure, but likely released again soon, so he can focus on eating ticks and not Snapple!

Glad the little guy was rescued. That would be a horrible way to go.

A few years ago I was part of an animal rescue. I was able to get this big fat raccoon unstuck from the display tank at my work. The video of the video went viral and I was able to claim my 15 minutes of fame.

Here it is if you have not seen it.