Bad Neighbors: What Would You Do?

Every neighborhood is not Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. That means that every now and then we have disagreements and issues with the people who live across the fence with us. Most of the time it pays to just ignore them and hope they won’t bother you, but other times, like this one, there is no getting around it.

Kyle Rubenstein posted the following to the Facebook Group, Tennesee Deer Hunters:


Wow just went to hunt one of my stands I have approximately 20 yards off property line looking over my food plot and the neighbor put this on his side of fence to stop me from hunting my farm really annoyed right now is their anything I can do? My farm is only 40 acres and neighbor has 300 acres that wraps around mine would this be considered hunter harrasment I just went to other side of my farm to hunt hopefully he doesn’t have another feeder that I’m not aware of not trying to be fined for hunting my farm legally

What would you do in this situation? The commenters had some helpful and some not so helpful suggestions.

First the not so helpful ideas:

Shoot it full of holes. Then hang a sign that says , deer looked hungry was just trying to get the food to flow out a little better.

Probably isn’t the answer you seek but since he enjoys harassing hunters- if he has any contact information such as a phone number listed publicly you could post it and give it out and all these hunters that could potentially be interested in his lease could call him… everyday…. say… at 2 or 3:00 a.m. or so, ya know to ensure he dont miss the calls… just gonna leave that there.

Most of the helpful comment sounded pretty much like this:

I would talk to the individual first and let him know the situation and the predicament you’re in. If he refuses and you believe he is doing it out of spite then I would call the state level game and fish and report it as you never know who this individual might know locally. You can actually reverse this on to him acting illegally due to knowing that you are going to hunt your stand and maximize your property use. He’s practically setting you up.

Also, ignore any bad or joking advise within these comments because then it’s no longer an act of ignorance. Always do what’s right.

Kyle ended up doing the right thing and here is the results:

Went about this the right way warden came out this morning and long story short it was harassment as neighbor was purposely trying to stop me from hunting my own farm he was told to remove the feeder, and me to wait a few days before hunting that particular stand.

Remember, always do the right thing and do not take matters into your own hands. Always do your best to live peacably with everyone around you.