Bad Shot or Something More?

The Guys from The Huntin Grounds posted a video last week that I must have watched 100 times. At first it looks like a really bad shot, but when you watch it in slow motion there seems to be
more to it. Just as the arrow gets to the deer you see what looks like the arrow striking the deer in the front shoulder and then glance off and lodge in the back leg.

I am not even sure if that is physically possible for an arrow to do that, but what I do know is that bad shots happen. Every hunter strives to make a clean kill but sometimes things happen. I am
thankful the hunters were able to recover the deer.

If you are wondering if it died here is the original hunt.

In the comment sections The Huntin Grounds issued this statement:

For those of you being negative you are either just perfect, or haven’t hunted long enough. Everyone has
to learn from mistakes and that honestly that is how you get good at hunting is by making mistakes and
learning from them. I’ll give you some information on this hunt. He was a younger hunter on my team
and he is a stand up kid who is a very serious and ethical hunter. I know he would only take a shot he was
comfortable with and with this deer at very close range he felt comfortable enough to shoot. Should he
of stopped the deer with a light grunt or noise? I believe yes, but I can guarantee you he will now
because he learned from this. But if you have ever spent much time hunting you know you just see some
crazy stuff such as this. We shoot very tough fixed broadheads, the toughest and I’ll stand by that and
nothing like this has ever happened, its literally a one in a billion chance to hit that shoulder so perfect
that it ricochets off the front shoulder bone to the back. I believe the cameraman had a different angle as
that is almost always the case so maybe the deer was more quartered to the hunter than it appears in
this video. BUT LET ME TELL YOU WHAT REALLY DEFINES A HUNTER is how they act after a shot like this
and this kid couldn’t of done any better after this shot. He instantly learned what he shouldn’t do next
time but then he spent the time trailing the doe and followed up with an ethical fatal shot. It took him
time and wasn’t easy to track and its sad to say but there are hunters that would’ve given up, especially
because it was just a doe, but he did the right thing and not a bit of meat went to waist on this doe. One
thing we are proud of on our show is that it is very real and not like you see on TV. I agree there are
somethings that shouldn’t make it to the viewership because it might reach someone that isn’t a hunter
and doesn’t understand but this is one of those things where I thought the lesson learned and the
outcome was worth sharing because it was real and it was right. I’d encourage you to follow our weekly
new videos semi-live throughout the year, and if you feel that you are better than us then respectfully
choose not to follow us. But hunters need to support other hunters especially when they are hunting
legally. Everyone makes mistakes but you are a better hunter when you learn from them. -Steven Fuller