Badger Buries entire Cow in Massive Hole! [VIDEO]

In a trail cam study of scavengers out of the University of Utah revealed previously unknown information on badgers.

It was previously known that badgers store food, but we were unaware they could bury an animal bigger than itself. Watch the video to see this amazing footage of the badger burring the cow.

When the biologist started the study it was intended to focus on the grassy mountains of Utah. Generally they study avian animal such as vultures, but had a big surprise when checking the cameras. When Evan Buechley went to check the cameras he noticed one of the carcasses missing. He later recalled his reaction by saying,“When I first got there I was bummed because it’s hard to get these carcasses, to haul them out and set them up,” he says. “I thought ‘Oh, well we’ve lost one after a week.’”

Imagine spending all that time and being extremely disappointed until you check your camera. It goes to show how much there still is to learn about the animals in North America.