Bald Eagle Destroys Government Drone and Sends It to the Bottom of Lake Michigan

In a high flying attack, an eagle sent a government drone to a watery grave. Apparently the drone was encroaching on the large bird’s territory, so this American patriot took matters into its own talons and quickly dispatched the government drone.

According to Michigan Live, a bald eagle attacked a surveyor’s drone in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last month. The bird knocked the drone out of the sky and sent it crashing into Lake Michigan.

The drone was being operated by a pilot for the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) when the July 21 attack occurred. Kind of ironic that an eagle attacked the EGLE. Maybe the bird did not appreciate the spelling.

The drone’s route of flight

The drone was doing mapping work along the coast, studying shore erosion. It was on its fourth mapping run when the drone started to receive a degraded satellite signal. The pilot ordered the drone to return, after the turn, it made a beeline back to base when it started acting erratically.

Hunter King, the drone pilot, saw an eagle flying away from the direction of the drone and a couple that was nearby saw the eagle knock an unidentified object out of the sky. King and the couple searched for the crashed drone but were unable to locate it.

Flight data showed the drone had hit the lake about 150 feet from shore and landed in 4 feet of water. Employees used that information days later when they returned to search for the aircraft.

Area where the drone went down

“EGLE Unmanned Aircraft Systems coordinator Arthur Ostaszewski brought a kayak and snorkeling gear to the search. With near-zero visibility in water darkened by tannin, Ostaszewski scrapped the snorkel and instead walked a grid pattern shuffling his feet for two hours in soft muck (“like I was playing Battleship and wanted to cover the entire board”). He too was luckless, abandoned the search when lightning began to accompany a cold drizzle.”

The organization gave up the search and will now have to fork over $950 for a new one.