Banded Paddlefish Breaks One-Month-Old World Record

About a month ago we reported about an Oklahoma angler snagging the new world record paddlefish, but that record is already been broken by a new fish. The new world record is also from Oklahoma, but the really cool thing about this fish is that it was banded.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, back in 1997, a two-year-old, seven-pound paddlefish was banded by Oklahoma State University researchers. 23 years later that fish would bloom into the 151.9-pound world record.

This beats the old record that was set less than a month ago of 146 pounds 11 ounces. However, it does not beat a fish caught back in February which weighted an unofficial 157 pounds.

Needless to say if you want to catch monster paddle fish head to Oklahoma.

The ODWC announced the new record in a recent Facebook post.

This morning, Northeast Region fisheries staff received a call from fishing guide Jeremiah Mefford. He said his client, Cory Watters, had just broken the recent world and state record for a paddlefish. Well, that’s exactly what happened! ODWC fisheries staff met the angler at Keystone Lake and took measurements of the fish. It weighed 151.9 pounds and was just shy of 6 feet in total length. Fisheries staff noticed the fish was banded on its lower jaw, but the band wasn’t from ODWC. After a phone call, staff learned the fish was banded by Oklahoma State University researchers Jan. 4, 1997, in the Salt Creek area of Keystone Lake. Back when it was banded, the fish was about 2 years old, weighed about 7 pounds, and was just over 2 feet long. The new world-record paddlefish was released and observed afterward using Garmin Livescope sonar, and staff said the fish swam off well. Pictured is Cory and 9-year-old son, Stetson.

NEW WORLD RECORD … AGAIN!This morning, Northeast Region fisheries staff received a call from fishing guide Jeremiah…

Posted by Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) on Thursday, July 23, 2020

That fish definitely packed on the pounds over the last twenty plus years. I have too, but I am not even close to a world record.

Congratulations to the angler on an awesome fish.