Bear Attack Survivor Ravaged by Anti-Hunting Nut Cases

bear attackStories about bear attack survivors are always amazing. Bob Legasa was attacked by a mother grizzly bear Oct. 13 while bowhunting for elk in Montana. He and his hunting partner startled a mother grizzly and her cubs while stalking through some tall grass. She charged. The pair sprayed her with bear spray but not before she grabbed Legasa by the legs.

The mother grizzly bear finished mauling him and took off. He thought the bear attack was over but little did he know it had just begun. After he post about the incident on social media, the hate began to flow from the anti-hunting crowd.

“I have never been so threatened in my life,” Legasa told the Spokesman Review . “There are literally hundreds of threats wishing that I would die. Wishing that I would die a slow, painful death. It came, from all people, the peaceful grass-eating vegan community.”

Here is a sampling of some of the more egregious comments.

“Karma. Can you post your address so that someone can finish the job and feed the remains to the bears in winter,” posted a Facebook user from France.

“Come on guys, don’t be so mean. This is incredibly tragic,” wrote someone from Canada. “Tragic that Momma Bear didn’t get a chance to finish the job of taking out the trash.”

An American wrote, “Bet you’re not the apex predator you thought you were. Let’s hope the next time the bear finished what it started.”

Legasa has since changed the privacy settings on his post so it is no longer available to see. He said things are starting to settle down as the outrage machine moves on to spew their hate some where else.

From all of us in the hunting community we wish you a quick recovery and we you know that we have your back and you are in our prayers.