Bear Breaks into Doughnut Delivery Vehicle

If your car smells like donuts you might not want to park in bear country. Bears have keen noses and will stop at nothing to get at tasty treats. Todd and Kim Robertson of Steamboat Springs, Colorado can attest to that when they found their beloved donut delivery vehicle torn up by a hungry bear.

According to The Steamboat Springs Reporter, The Robertsons own Moose Watch Café in downtown Steamboat. They use the vehicle to make wholesale doughnut deliveries around town. At the there were no doughnuts in the vehicle. But to quote Kim, “It always reeks of doughnuts in there.”

The bear ripped off the car’s back bumper and left a paw print on the car. He finally gave up and left the scene after it couldn’t successfully get into the Ford Focus. The animal was long gone before the Robertsons discovered the damage and officers arrived.

Police officer John McCartin confirmed he could smell doughnuts just by standing outside the damaged vehicle.

“I guess if anyone is an expert about this, it’s us,” McCartin joked.

Kim Robertson joked that with bears now going after doughnuts in town, some of the pressure from “doughnut jokes” had been taken off of the local police for the week.

Right now Colorado does not offer a spring bear season. Hunting has always been a great tool for reducing human animal conflicts. Also people should take precautions to not leave food and trash out where bears can get it.

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