Bear Euthanized After It Breaks into Zoo and Kills Alpaca

An Alaskan brown bear has been euthanized after it broke into an Anchorage zoo and killed an Alpaca.

According to CNN, The bear stated rummaging trash can in a neighborhood near the zoo. The bear then wandered into the zoo where it continues to knock over an rummage through trash receptacles before it broke through a fence that held alpacas and killed one named Caesar.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss of both a wild bear and Caesar the alpaca,” said the director of the Alaska Zoo, Patrick Lampi. “We care deeply about all animals and feel saddened by the deaths on both sides of the situation.”

The bear returned the next two nights when it was finally killed by Fish and Wildlife biologists.

“We typically remove brown bears that start accessing trash,” said Anchorage Area Fish and Game Biologist Dave Battle. “Every so often we get a brown bear that learns that when it flips over [the dumpsters]… it’s able to get into the trash.”

According to zoo staff the other two alpacas in the encloser were shaken up but otherwise unharmed.

I know that many people will be outraged that the bear was killed because he was just being a bear and did not kill a person. However, any time a bear accesses trash that is caused by the presents of humans he poses a threat to human life.