Best Way To Keep Your Trail Cams From Being Stolen

Having trail cams stolen is heartbreaking. Not only do you lose what you bought with your hard earned money, but you also lose all of your precious data. Until recently there has been no way to catch the thieves. With nothing to lose many people go out and steal trail cams. If you use trail cams as much as I do, you have undoubtedly had one or more stolen.

I recently wrote a post about a guy who stole a cellular trail cam. The man took the camera home and left it on in his bedroom. The pictures that ensued were hilarious. I got a message from the owner of the Snyper Trail Cams. He told me the entire story behind the trail cam being stolen but had an exciting new product to help stop theft. His new cameras have GPS locators on them.

GPS locators will help keep people from stealing trail cams in a couple of ways. Most obviously if someone takes your camera, you can confront the thief and get it back. More importantly, potential thieves will not know which trail cams have GPS locators on them. It is only a matter of time before a trail cam with GPS is stolen, and police are called to catch the thief responsible. With the real threat of being caught, I believe fewer trail cams will end up stolen in the future.

I am getting a Snyper Trail Cam to protect all the other trail cams I already have where I hunt. Just having one should help me catch any potential thieves or worse yet relatives trying to hunt my stand!