Biden’s Gun Plan Requires $200 Per Gun Tax Plus Registration

Before Biden gained the presidency gun owners knew there would be difficult times ahead, but just how bad was sort of a mystery. Now things are starting to emerge and they appear worse than we thought.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Biden’s gun control plan involves the registration of privately owned “Assault weapon” under the National Firearms Act or be forced to sell your firearm in a “Gun buyback” program.

The plan basically works like this if you own an AR-15 style rife of some variant that gets termed. “Assault rifle,” you would either have to sell it to the government or register it using a complicated 13-page form. If you failed to do either you could receive a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in Jail.

The registration form would include fingerprints and your picture and would be required for each firearm and “high capacity” magazine”

Town Hall reported:

This is yet another violation of Joe Biden’s pledge against any tax increase on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. In fact, it would hit working-class Americans the hardest.

As detailed on Biden’s campaign website, this proposal would give semiautomatic rifle and high capacity magazine owners two choices: participating in a gun buyback program or registering said guns and magazines under the National Firearms Act. This triggers the $200 tax for each gun and magazine registered.

In order to register a firearm (or a magazine, under Joe Biden’s plan), you have to send in a 13-page, complicated application form with the $200 tax included, your fingerprints, and a photograph of yourself. In this way, the hurdles to legally own your weapon or high-capacity magazine go far beyond the expensive tax

This plan beyond a doubt lays a restrictive burden on law abiding gun owners with the only purpose to keep people from exercising their God given rights.

It appears that Joe Biden believes that only the rich deserve to be able to protect themselves as they see fit. Hopefully, the courts will rule that such measures are unconstitutional and none of the get implemented.