BIG BUCK ALERT: Opening Week Monster Hits the Ground

The season is barely open and already we have some monsters hitting the ground. First, we had a new possible state record for Kansas get killed by a young lady and now we have a stud hit the ground in Ohio.

Bow season just opened Saturday in Ohio and it already is producing giants.

Details are still coming in but this buck was killed in Ross County, Ohio on Monday (28 September, 20202) evening by a hunter named Chad (we are currently trying to get ahold of him.)

Photo Credit: Facebook post by Matt and Holly Shoemaker

The buck reportedly was killed on a hunting lease and was verified as a wild killed buck by game wardens.

The Buck has already been green scored and he measured out at 262 2/8.

We will update this as more information becomes available.

Photo Credit Drew Romesberg

Big Congratulations to the hunter on a buck of a lifetime.