Big Changes Come To Hunting Television!

Many big hunting personalities have been caught committing hunting violations. This has lead many people to ask what is wrong with the hunting industry.

In a recent interview on The Hunting News Podcast, TV hunting personality Doug Deharpart from Created Outdoors tackled this question reviling what we all want to know. What is being done?

The podcast started off like most interviews talking about some widely discussed issues about hunting. He informed them of all the precautions he takes to stay legal. Then the host Stephen Ziegler asked a tough question. “What about the pressure to perform and shooting big bucks?” Doug then reviled some inside information about one of his sponsors Elite Archery. He made it clear he was told that it is more important to shoot a smaller buck legally than a big one illegally. The pressure was lessened even more by Elite Archery’s’ stance on hunting being more like the viewers. He was told to “not hesitate at shooting a smaller buck”

Sponsors are making it clear to hosts that they want more content that resembles the everyday hunter in this country. We do not want to see multiple 200 inch bucks being shot on every show, and sponsors do not want to see the guys representing them feeling the pressure to do that. This is a much needed step in the right direction for hunting television. be sure to check out The Hunting News Podcast below to listen to the interview in its entirety.