Bill To Ban Cougar Hunting Proposed In Arizona

Arizona Sportsmen are being urged to contact their state Senator to let them know that they should oppose SB1182. The proposed legislation would ban mountain lion and bobcat hunting in Arizona. It would categorize both cats as protected spieces.

The Sportsmen Alliance Issued a Statement “This is nothing more than an anti-hunting legislator acting as a pawn for the animal-rights movement,” said Brian Lynn, vice president of marketing and communications. “When anti- hunting groups identified five states to ban mountain lion hunting in last year, and then this year legislation is introduced, you have to ask if the people of Arizona are truly being represented in their legislature. Playing politics with wildlife management has dire consequences for everyone in the state, not to mention the environment.”

Senate Bill 1182 is the next step to fulfill a goal of anti-hunting groups to end the pursuit of mountain lions and other felines by anti-hunting groups. The Humane Society of the United States has focused on the western states for years: they successfully financed a 1990 ballot campaign in California that protected mountain lions from any hunting at all, and then followed that with a ban on the use of dogs to purse lions in Oregon in 1994 and used the same bankrupting ballot-initiative tactic to fund a ban on the use of dogs and traps for mountain lions, bobcats and lynx in Washington state in 1996.

Senate Bill 1182 handcuffs scientific wildlife management and endangers both the public and balance of wildlife within Arizona’s managed ecosystem.

The bill currently sits in Senate Natural Resources, Energy and Water Committee. Hopefully it will be tabled there.

You can see the Sportsmen Alliance press release Here