Bill Would Prohibit Minors from Trapping

NJ S3611 would prevent minors from obtaining a trapping license

New Jersey seems to be a hot bed of anti-hunting and anti-trapping activities. Every year we report on bear hunting protests and this past year we reported on the state extremely anti-hunting Governor. Now a state Senator is showing his anti-hunting and anti-trapping colors.

New Jersey State Senator Vin Gopal posted on his personal political site that he introduced legislation that would prohibit any individual under the age of 18 from being issued a trapping license.

He says the legislation stems from a video he saw where two teens were beating a raccoon they trapped. He claims this sort of thing is widespread, but offers no other evidence showing the video was not an isolated event.

He also goes into the classic anti-hunting trope insinuating hunting and trapping lead to violence.

“Multiple studies have highlighted a clear link between animal cruelty as a child and an adult proclivity toward serious and potentially lethal domestic abuse. Moreover, from Columbine to Parkland, we have seen an alarming trend of mass shooters who have a record of abusing animals in their youth. It is clear that we must act to cut off this practice at the root.

Gopal like many others want to claim hunting and trapping are forms of torcher, so they can unjustly associate the studies towards them. As sportsmen we desire a quick clean kill and we respect the animal.

Hunters and trappers seek a quick clean kill and respect the animal

Yes, sometimes people do not always follow those procedures, but those incidences as not the norm. They fall on the far end of the bell curve and for the most part, are outliers.

It is unwise and unjust to prohibit the freedom of man based on isolated incidents and outliers. This bill is a travesty against all outdoors men and should have never been introduced.