Black Bear Chases and Catches Rabbit on Roadway {VIDEO}

I am always on the lookout for cool nature videos. This one in particular caught my eye. A black bear is seen chasing and catching a rabbit in the middle of the road. It really highlights the speed and dexterity of a bear as is chases the more agile rabbit.

According to Pique News, the video was shot by Daniel Michael Bunter in Whistler, BC, Canada. He was on his way to work when the bear and rabbit appeared in the roadway and he got some excellent footage of the chase.

“We didn’t think the bear would get the rabbit as he was so fast but he slipped on the asphalt and the bear pounced. Afterwards the bear ran into the forest I guess to enjoy his breakfast.”

Bear expert, Sylvia Dolson, weighed in on the footage and said that getting footage of a hunting bear is uncommon and it is“rather rare” for a black bear to snag a bunny.

It’s not often a black bear catches a rabbit,” Dolson wrote in a message after viewing the video, she wondered whether the rabbit was injured already.

“Bears are technically carnivores, even though their diet is mostly plant matter,” she continued. “A nice meal for the bear. Bummer for the rabbit.”