Black Bear kills 44-year-old mother of two.

A Saskatchewan woman is dead after a black bear attacked her in a remote region of the province according to Global News.

The 44 year old woman, two children under 10, and a man were camping when the attack happened Thursday evening. This marks the first fatal attack in the province since 1983.

The woman was proncounced dead after being flown out of the area in Buffalo Narrows. No other injuries were reported.

The black bear was between 250 and 350 pounds.

“It was killed at the scene (and) shot at the scene,” conservation officer inspector Greg Johnson said.

“Until we are finished our investigation, we won’t know exactly how that happened.”

“We’ll figure out if there were health reasons or other environmental reasons why this bear attacked in the manner it did. Attacks like these are not common. This is not typical black bear behaviour,” Johnson said.