Blind Hunter Kills Bull Elk

It takes a lot of work to kill an elk.

Being physically handicapped make it even harder, especially when that handicap is being able to see. But Dale Stamper did not let that get in the way. With the help of a spotter he was able to down a huge 6×6 at 120 yards with one shot

Dale became blind from injuries sustained from a land mine during Vietnam. Since then he has been involved in many Veterans organizations currently he is commander of Fort Sherman Chapter 9 of Disabled American Veterans and is the current national president of the Blinded Veterans Association.

“I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences,” Dale says, “Downhill and cross country skiing, water skiing, boogie boarding in Hawaii — but this ranks as No. 1.”

Dale’s Spotter , Kelly Yore stated, “It was unbelievable, just to meet somebody like that was an experience in and of itself. What was amazing to me was how somebody can be completely blind, but he also could see everything so clearly. I think I learned a lot more than he did.”

Dale wants others with disabilities to have the confidence to overcome challenges. “There’s no limit, especially with technology today and the opportunities that are there,” he said. “Don’t hold back.”

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