Blood Pours Out of Huge Whitetail After Devastating Shot

Usually, when you shoot a deer they take off and don’t stick around, but this was not the case for the monster whitetail shot by Olympic Gold Medalist Rod White. The buck he shot stayed within 20 yards of his stand while it bled out and boy did it bleed.

I have never seen a video like this blood just pours out of the wound like a faucet.

I still can’t get over what I filmed yesterday. I’ve shot a LOT of whitetails with a bow, A LOT, and it’s not uncommon to watch a deer walk around after the shot as if nothing happened to it, at least with a bow. But I have NEVER seen the amount of blood flow from a whitetail like I did yesterday while this deer remained less than 20 yards from me while he expired.

Rod White on Facebook

Here is Rod with his huge Whitetail.