Bobcat Kills Fawn Live on Trail Cam

Fawns are more vulnerable during the first few weeks of there life than at any other time. Especially in areas where predators are really prevalent. Coyotes, bears, and in this case a bobcat prey on them and can really make a dent in the populations if left unchecked.

Predator management is an important part of conservation. But we need to also understand that deer are a shared resource. Predators also have a right to eat and losing few fawns are a necessary part of a healthy ecosystem.

Hunters must strike a balance by harvesting the correct amount of predator and prey animals. We are the stewards of nature and must do our part to keep everything in balance.

Tara Mitchell posted the following trail cam video to the Facebook group Maine Food Plots and Trail Cam Pictures. The video shows the brutality of nature and how dangerous a bobcat or other predators can be for a young fawn.