Bow Hunter gets help from a wild fox tracking his gutshot buck!

Brent Varner got help from an unlikely companion while out bow hunting. a friendly fox that hangs out around his stand proved to be a hero for this hunter. Varner posted the story on Facebook.

The most interesting morning in the stand bowhunting yet! I have this little pet fox named buster that hangs around. Most mornings he visits the corn pile for a snack. This morning however a fairly nice seven point buck walked in with a dominate strut and faced off to buster. While l am positioning for the shot Buster moves and the deer steps forward quickly as l’m releasing the arrow. I watched as the arrow traveled down and gut shot the buck and jumped and ran. Disappointed thinking l would have to spend hours tracking or possibly lost this nice buck l climbed down and recovered my arrow. The arrow was bright red! Hope was found. I began to trace the area where the buck had ran but couldn’t find any trail. I think it is called milk thistle but this stuff is five to six feet high and everywhere. I lost sight of the buck running thru this stuff. However after ten minutes of looking for a trace of blood to begin tracking Buster comes up sniffing around and takes off! Sure enough my pet fox tracked this buck to his final steps and the blood trail was found. The foxes presence may have spooked the deer or caused the quick movement resulting in a misplaced shot but fortunately the rage caught the main artery going to the hams and he ran 75-100 yards to his end. Ole boy been fighting too, blinded in one eye! But l still have to credit Buster for the find that took no more than 15-20 minutes.

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