Was Bow Hunter Wrong for Shooting Wounded Deer?[VIDEO]

It is a sportsman’s responsibility to kill a wounded deer, but when is it the wrong thing to do?

While legally hunting on public land a hunter in California shot a deer for the freezer. He attempted a head shot and only wounded the deer. With a residential neighborhood next to the public land this situation was about to make a turn for the worst.

With kids around, and a deer with an arrow sticking out of its head, what do you do? A bad shot has already been made, and concerned parents wont be happy to have you shooting arrows around their kids. With a quick decisive shot this hunter shot the deer. Later he was caught on a home security system. He then reported the issue, and caused a big uproar on social media.

I do not have a good answer here except that head shots are not ideal. After making a bad decision with a head shot, this hunter found himself in an impossible situation. I would love to hear what everyone thinks he should have done.