Bowfishermen Land Potential World Record Carp

A pair of bowfisherman just arrowed the fish of a lifetime when they brought in a monster bighead carp.

According to the Charleston Gazette, William Barr and Cory Craig went out bowfishing for rough fish in the Ohio River this past week, neither of the pair was expecting to arrow a potential world record.

Barr and Craig’s fish tipped the scales at 104.15 pounds and measured 55 inches in length and a girth of 39.55 inches, which beats the current record of 98.4-pounds which was shot in the Tennessee River in Alabama.

Barr and Craig were fishing a stretch of the Ohio River by the Willow Island Locks and Dam when they the enormous fish. They both shot simultaneously and hit the monster. The fish did not fight much at first but when they got it to the boat things got western.

“We pulled it right over to the boat,” he said. “But when I reached down to get hold of the arrows, it took off and almost pulled me in.”

One of the barbed arrows pulled out, so Barr and Craig were forced to fight the fish on one line instead of two.

“We got the fish to the surface again, and I hit it with a billy club we carry in the boat,” Barr said. “That only made it mad. It took off again. The next time we got it close, I reached down into its mouth, all the way through its gills, and pulled it into the boat.”

It should take about two weeks for the Bowfishing Association of America to certify the record.

West Virginia state biologists were not pleased to learn that bighead carp of that magnitude have made it that far up the river. Most of the bighead carp are seen farther down the river with the largest one being around 70 pounds. So this is not a good sign.

Barr on the other hand is pretty happy with the fish and plans on getting it mounted.