Bowhunter Unknowingly Shares Tree with Bear (VIDEO)

How many of you have had an upclose and personal encounter with a bear? I had one while camping in upstate New York, A large black bear came into camp while we were eating dinner. He came to within about 15 yards and we were able to scare him away without incident.

A Mississippi bowhunter had an even closer encounter than that when she climbed up into her stand only to discover a 200-pound bear was perched in the branches above her.

According to the Tennessean, Stephanie McGarrh of Merigold, Mississippi got to her stand before first light and settled in. There were a few hogs below her stand but the spooked. She then heard rustling in the branches above her. Her first thought was that it was just raccoons, but she was wrong.

“It was really dark,” Stephanie McGarrh of Merigold said. “I wanted to get in the stand while it was still dark and get settled in.”

“There were a couple of hogs beneath the stand and they were acting nervous,” McGarrh said. “Then I heard some limbs that were breaking and spooked the hogs.

“Then the tree started moving more than it should,” McGarrh said. “I’m thinking these are really big raccoons. I was getting mad.”

It was at that point she realized it was a bear.

She stayed calm and got her phone and began recording. As she was filming a small busk walked under her stand and she was able to film him as well. At this point the bear had had enough and decided to come down the tree.

It came in quick growling the entire way. McGarrh said, “F#$%” as the bear shimmied down the tree with in inches of her stand.

“That was the most unnerving part, the growling,” McGarrh said. “But he didn’t stop by me. That growling sound he made right by me was hair-raising for sure.”

That would make just about anybody’s hair stand on end. I think I might have to change my underwear after an encounter like that.

Stephanie McGarrh, all I can say is you have to have some brass overies to hang out in a tree with a bear. I probably would have climbed down and let him have the tree.

Posted by Stephanie Howard McGarrh on Thursday, October 1, 2020