Boy Find 35-Year-Old Message in a Bottle While Playing in a River

If you grew up in the country you probably grew up playing in a creek; I know I did. As soon as it got warm, I was catching crayfish and frogs and getting covered in mud. I had plenty of adventures and found some really cool stuff, but none of it compares to what a young Missouri boy found while playing in a river.

Cristen Humphreys’s son was playing in a river near his house when he discovered an old Dr. Pepper Bottle with a Note. The bottle had been thrown into the river back in 1984 with a message to reply.

Old D. Pepper Bottle that the Note was in

Cristen made a plea on Facebook to try and discover the writer of the note and let them know they found it.


My son was SO excited to show me what he found in the river bottoms today—an old Dr. Pepper bottle with a message inside!

The message reads:

“To whom it may concern:
This bottle was thrown in at Dog’s Bluff! (Houston, MO)

If you find it please reply to
712 N Grand
Houston, MO 65483

Happy fishing!!

March 24, 1984
3:00 pm”

We will drop a note in the mail to the stated address but I doubt the sender still lives there and there’s no name given. We may never make contact with the sender, but who knows??

Maybe through the magic of Facebook, the sender will learn that his bottle was found April 20, 2020, in the Gasconade River bottoms at Gascony Village near Hermann, MO. It was found by a 12-year-old boy and it TOTALLY made his day! He enjoyed getting the state map out, finding Houston, MO, and tracing the Gasconade River from Houston to Hermann. He was in awe at how far the little bottle traveled. It also blew his mind that the day this bottle was thrown in the river both Mom and Dad were 12 years old!

This is a welcome distraction from the coronavirus. Please join our fun by sharing this post. Thank you!

Edited today 4/24/2020 to add pictures of where Jimmy was when he found the bottle and a picture of the bottle before it…

Posted by Cristen Copley Humphrey on Monday, April 20, 2020

If you have any information or idea who wrote the note, please let Cristen know. It would be really cool to close the loop on this story.