Boyfriend Convinces Girl to go Hunting then this Happens!

Abby Cribb of South Carolina was not sure if she wanted to go bow hunting Halloween night.

After waking from a nap her boyfriend Wes convinced her to go out. She has killed a lot of deer with a rifle but never with a bow. When they settled on a stand by flipping a coin they headed to the woods. Abby is a full time nurse and discouraged due to her lack of success with a bow. Then a giant showed up!

“I don’t know what was going on. My heart was beating so fast, and I knew this was it. But I couldn’t get my hands to work. So I had to calm myself down, and told myself it was now or never, and that I could do it,” she said.

Knowing something was wrong the buck jumped but didn’t go far. She Then released her arrow and hit the deer. After waiting on her boyfriend, she went looking with her dog. They found what could possibly be a South Carolina record buck.

“Now everybody tells me I might as well quit hunting because I’ll never see another deer that big, and I just tell them you never know. I didn’t know that deer was there. He never showed up on any trail camera photos. So I’m going to keep on hunting,” Cribb said.

As an avid bow hunter I can only imagine how addicted she will be to bow hunting for the rest of her life.


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